March Against Monsanto, Saturday May 25, 2 pm Liberty Pole!

We will meet at Liberty Pole Plaza for a rally, in which anyone is invited to speak. You can discuss your purpose for taking action against Monsanto, your proposed solutions for avoiding GMO’s and anything else you feel needs to be shared in our fight against Monsanto. After the Rally we will be marching via Chestnut Street to Manhattan Square Park. Be ready to be loud! We want all the attention we can get. There are chants prepared, and we are readying ourselves to be as audible and visible as possible. Just remember two things, there will be children present, and we do not have a permit from the city, so we will be defending our gathering with the first amendment. If anyone requests that we disperse, we must quote the first amendment right to purposely assemble.

Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture (GVOCSA)

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