A Racial Justice Workshop presented by Metro Justice

As part of the 2013 YWCA Nationwide Campaign

Stand Against Racism

Metro Justice presents:

A Racial Justice Workshop

Saturday April 27th 9am-3pm
Downtown United Presbyterian Church, 120 N. Fitzhugh St.
(Free parking in the lot behind City Hall)

$10 donation requested to cover lunch
You must pre-register and seats are limited!
Registrants are expected to stay throughout the entire course of the day.
To register, contact Pat Mannix at 585-469-8249 or by email.
Understanding the ways that structural racism permeates our society is critical. to the work of Metro Justice. Our Fight for Economic Justice is, at it’s core, a struggle for justice for all people. If we are serious about building a just society, we must learn about racial inequities and racism and how they impact all of our daily lives. In this workshop we will explore the history and continuity of racism in the United States and how we can better combat their effects.
This is a diverse workshop by design and registration.

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