Mike Rudnick’s Letter to the White House

To: White House

I’m an engineer, with a PhD, living with my family of four in a wealthy Rochester NY suburb.  I’ve both voted for and given you campaign contributions.

In my view, our biggest problem, by far, is the rampant and growing levels of class warfare practiced again us, the 99%, and our collective posterity.

The budget you just submitted includes a large dose of class warfare against us ordinary people, namely, further cutting Social Security through the sneaky tactic of gaming the definition of inflation. This has already been done repeatedly and with significant impact over the past half century, through prior redefinitions of inflation (though not publicized by corporate media).

As far as I’m concerned, you work for the 1% and are not worthy of my support in future, even were you to run for dog catcher in my locale. You have betrayed THE PEOPLE. I now regret having supported you.

This also means I’m unlikely to  vote for Democratic or Republican liars who come prebribed by big-money special interests.

With all respect due (and the office of the president does deserve respect),
Mike Rudnick

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