Rebels Speak Out: Leave earned benefits alone by Jo Cummings

Democrat & Chronicle April 12, 2013

Leave earned benefits alone 

I wonder if President Obama consulted his mother-in-law about his proposal for cutting Social Security benefits. I know she doesn’t have to worry too much about this, since she lives in the White House. But, I do wonder what she thinks about how this may impact her elderly relatives and friends back home in Chicago. I also wonder if he asked Michelle about how this will affect all those mil­itary families and veter­ans, the ones missing limbs and other facul­ties, who depend on survivor and disability benefits. I don’t under­stand why he wants to be the first Democratic president to propose cutting our earned So­cial Security benefits, which have never added to the deficit.

My suggestion in­stead is to support legis­lation for closing off­shore tax haven loop­holes that enable large corporations and the very wealthy to avoid paying $150 billion a year in taxes, costing the average taxpayer an extra $1,026 in 2012.


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