Building Worker Power Through Community Organizing


Saturday, April 13th,  10 a.m. to noon at NYSUT Hall, 30 North Union Street

Building Worker Power Through Community Organizing

Workers across the nation are struggling with the consequences of job flight, downsizing, discrimination, and other employment troubles. In more than eighty cities and towns, however, unrepresented workers are finding assistance and advocates in Worker Centers.

At this Labor Lyceum you will hear from organizers who have formed community-based grassroots-led worker centers that serve individuals from a wide range of occupations while advancing a broad working people’s agenda. Center organizers from Ithaca, Syracuse, and Rochester will share how these “organizing laboratories” help to combat wage theft, discrimination, low wages, sexual harassment, workers’ compensation hassles, and more.

Presenters: Pete Meyers, Tompkins County Worker Center, Ithaca;  Caroline Kimtihanyi, Worker Center of Central NY, Syracuse;
Reyna Ramolete Hayashi, Esq. Rochester Worker Justice Group

This program is free and open to the public
Light refreshments will be available

Sponsored by the Education Committee, Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO; the Cornell-ILR Labor & Employment Law Extension Program; and the Pettengill Labor Education Fund.

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