Don’t use dependents as political pawns

Democrat and Chronicle, March 13, 2013 Other Voices 

The March 3 editorial “Capi­tol failures” mentioned the Simpson-Bowles plan and look­ing at reforms in Social Securi­ty and Medicare as solutions for reducing the debt. Simpson and Bowles, other lobbyists, billionaires and Wall Street CEOs are members of Fix the Debt, a campaign to convince us that the so-called entitle­ments should be cut, while continuing offshore tax havens and other loopholes for the largest corporations, many with negative tax rates and underfunding of their worker pensions.

Nobel laureates Krugman and Stiglitz, and 350 other economists, however, urge job creation and avoidance of the European austerity experi­ence. Let’s also not forget the reasons for the deficit — two long wars, all the years of the Bush tax cuts and the reces­sion caused by Wall Street.

Slashing Social Security and Medicare benefits is not the answer. There are viable ways to strengthen both. Using chil­dren, seniors, people with dis­abilities and veterans, who are dependent on these earned benefits, as pawns in the great congressional chess game of our lives is outrageously un­just!



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