Band of Rebels Opposes a Grand Bargain that Hurts Most Americans!

What:    Rally to Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!

WhereKenneth B. Keating Federal Building, 100 State Street, Rochester

When:    Monday, March 11, 2013, 12 -1 PM

Why:  While the so-called “Sequester” is now taking an across-the-board ax to the US budget in a way that will soon inflict harm on most Americans, polls show that a huge majority of Americans favor raising revenue by further raising taxes on the wealthy, cutting huge subsidies to companies making record profits such as oil companies, ending such boondoggles as our historically-low capital gains rate, cutting the bloated military budget and preserving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. So why does it look like President Obama is about to cave to Republican deficit hawks and the tax-dodging “Fix the Debt” CEO’s[1] and make a “grand bargain” that will include cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare?[2] Because Congressional leaders and the administration live in the “Washington bubble,” where what gets heard are millions of dollars in lobbying funds, not the voices of ordinary Americans.

What most reputable economists know that apparently few in Washington do is that a healthy economy with low unemployment will do more to reduce the deficit than draconian cuts to programs for those who can least afford it. In what universe is it fair to imperil the lives and futures of disabled children and veterans, elderly people, millions of low-wage workers and those who can’t afford even basic medical care? It isn’t. A copy of the Band of Rebels plan, which proposes cuts in corporate subsidies, eliminates tax loopholes and a tax on financial transactions, can be found on the Band of Rebels website page Budget Crisis Resources.

The Band of Rebels is engaged in an ongoing campaign to reverse the tax and economic policies that have resulted in a 40-year decline in opportunity in the US, a growing gap between the rich and the poor and increasing poverty. Part of that campaign is its current focus on preserving the social safety net that includes the earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare, as well as critical programs such as Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps) and unemployment benefits.

Contact:          Doug Noble (585) 442-3383                        Grania Marcus (917) 579-0199

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