Open letter to my Representative, Senators, President Obama, and John Kerry.

You are well aware of the many United Nations General Assembly resolutions calling for a nuclear free zone in the Middle East, a withdrawal by Israel from all occupied territories, a condemnation of settlements in the West Bank, and the need to respect the rights of Palestinians and their right to self-determination as an indispensable element in the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.  At every turn my country has defied and oppose these necessary steps to arriving at a just peace.  A nation that considers itself a modern democracy and a law abiding nation finds it convenient to ignore international consent and resolutions.

I had a chance to visit the West Bank several years ago.  It is obvious and you must know that this is apartheid.   Check points and restriction of movement everywhere, perhaps 220 settlements on Palestine land with more being planned, inability for Palestinians to access their fields due to the wall and other separation barriers, continued theft of land in Bilin and many other Palestine towns, shooting and jailing of peaceful demonstrators, continued home demolitions, “laws” banning Palestinians from building new homes or drilling wells for water.

So my questions to you is how would you like  to be a Palestinian living in the West Bank?  Should your land and human rights and free movement to your fields and olive trees and the water under your property be respected and honored?   Are we not all part of a suffering human race that needs to learn respect and compassion for each other if we collectively wish to survive and flourish.

It is time for the United ‘States to truly respect other nations and their citizens and become an honest broker, respecting both Israel`s and Palestine`s right to exist and help end the occupation which makes a just peace impossible.

Peter R. Mitchell

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