Move to Ammend Rochester: Party for the People

Well, “Party for the People” is over, the media gave us some nice real estate – above the fold on the front page of the local section, and the time is ripe to educate and spread the message of the amendment movement.  We are busy processing 3 1/2 + hours of audio & video captured at Waterstreet (thank you David & Yonathan!) into a coherent piece we can broadcast over community access TV.  I will distribute individual clips as they become ready with the hope that you will share them with your distribution lists.  This is a very important and easy way to make a contribution.  Below are links to my opening remarks and “Armani Tweed”, a joint effort by Warren Loeffler and BIODANCE.

Sam’s Opening Remarks YouTube

Armani Tweed on YouTube

Enjoy and please DISTRIBUTE!  Thanks!


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