Re-Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglass

Last evening, Bill Moyers’ PBS show featured poet Martin Espada with a very moving reading of his “Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglass.”  The poem describes his pilgrimage to the Douglass gravesite in Rochester 3 days after the 2008 election where he finds a SEIU t-shirt with the sticker “I Voted” on it draped over the gravestone.

Moyers questions Espada about the scene and says that it must be from SEIU.

Of course, that is where we went on election morning 2008 after leafleting the UR Medical Center, to reflect on history at Douglass’ grave.  I think the shirt was John Carter’s.

I received several emails last evening after Moyers’ show aired on national television.  The segment is really worth viewing.  It repeats on air in Rochester today (Sunday) on WXXI at 6 pm, or you can see it online at:

Martin Espada Examines Life Through Verse

-Bruce Popper

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