HSBC officials should be facing criminal charges

Letter in the Democrat and Chronicle

The United States imprisons a higher percent of its population than any other nation on earth. In fact no other nation comes close. This high percentage is mostly thanks to the war on drugs. The prison system is highly biased against the poor and racial minorities.

So, while prisons here may be crowded, is there not room for the single worst case drug offenders? British banking giant HSBC executives have laundered reportedly billions of dollars for drug cartels over the last decade. Is there no blood on any of this money? Have our prisons no room to spare for these worthies?

The Justice Department, which has more than enough evidence for beginning to correct the rich-poor imbalance of our prison population has not just provided this enterprise with with “get out of jail free” cards, they have also thereby enshrined into law a new constitutional precept: Officers of “too big” institutions are by definition not guilty of crime.

I do not recall voting on this constitutional amendment, but there you have it.



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