Monday Demo December 2, 2012

Contact:    Grania Marcus (917) 579-0199; Bill McCoy (585) 271-8118

Jobs Not Cuts: Rally at the Federal Building Monday!

No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!

What:    Rally to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We demand that the rich pay their fair share and urge our leaders to invest in jobs and help rebuild America, not to make cuts to vital programs.

Where:  Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building, 100 State Street, Rochester

When:   Monday, December 3, 12 -1 PM.

Why:      The Band of Rebels is joining dozens of labor, community, student and faith groups to demand that our representatives in Congress stand up for ordinary New Yorkers as they consider how to handle the so-called “fiscal cliff” in December. We ask our Congressional representatives to end the Bush tax cuts for the rich, protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and to pass legislation to rebuild our communities, create jobs and build America’s future. Polls show that 70% of Americans all over the country share the same priority: to preserve safety net programs for vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families and children, and all working Americans. Jo Cummings, who this week organized a delegation to Congresswoman Slaughter’s office to oppose the cuts, said, “It is unconscionable to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable.” And recently over 350 economists published a letter to Congress warning that deep cuts to reduce the deficit during the current fragile recovery would slow economic growth, increase unemployment and return the country to deeper recession. Congress should support investments in infrastructure, transportation, clean energy and education to build broader prosperity, not make cuts that will hurt Americans.


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