Memorial Celebration of the Life of Jim Schmidt

Link to program from Jim’s Memorial Celebration, December 1, 2012

Poem for Jim Schmidt by Sally McCoy for the Band of Rebels

Jim is on his way to Olympus.

He will confront the egocentric, undemocratic gods and goddesses with an ultimatum –

Either pursue a course of social and economic justice or face eviction.

The people have spoken.

No more tasty treats for you.

No wings or trailing gowns

No crowns and season passes.

No private consultation with the oracle

No seers poking around in the entrails of innocent creatures.

This world is tired of your meddling and your lies.

Paradise is not bought by pairs of dice.

It has always belonged to all biota, small and large, fast and slow, crawling beneath the ground and soaring above the mountains. Trudging through the streets in search of meaning. Dancing in the meadows having found it.

Jim will be joined by bands of rebels whose struggles, begun long ago when property rights superseded social justice’ have persevered through every so-called ‘civilization’ up to our own.

Don’t forget your bull horn, Jim. We will hear you calling out the chants and we’ll be in the streets continuing your work on earth.

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