Restore the American Promise

Restore the American Promise  Conf. CALL – WEDS Nov 28st  at 12 Noon  CALL 641-715-3625  code 10-77-77-3 #


I.  Report on Tues Nov 27th Telephone Teach-in about the Budget Showdown – Great Job Everyone!
II.  Action Agenda
a)  Friday Nov 30th – Congressional Call in Day  — see attach flyer
Can use as handouts on Dec 1 as well – will send blank flyer
b) Sat Dec. 1st – National Day of Action – To end the Bush Tax cuts and preserve vital programs and jobs
Locations to date and for more information;
Reed District –  11 AM Corning – Market St                Brian Dugan – 607-425-1130  [email protected]
Hanna District – 11:30  Binghamton Lost Dog Cafe 222 Water St –    607-723-0110  [email protected]
Hanna District –  1:15  Blue Frog Cafe 64 Cortland  NY Mary Clark  – 607-723-0110 [email protected]
Grimm District – Staten Island Ferry – Manhattan Side 11:30 – 12noon Ferry – Staten Island Side   Olivia Leirer  -347-479-3426 [email protected]
Gibson District – Kingston Farmers Market – gather old dutch Church 11:00 AM      Elric Kline – 518-334-0082  [email protected]
Other Possible/probable Locations Hayworth – Buerkle – Owens  ( will discuss-need confirmed leads )
c) Report Thurs Dec 6th –   NYC Action
d) Syracuse Action
F) December 10th – AFL/Community Vigils – Start Planning
G) Dec 17th – Grinch Actions – Possible Bus trips to Washington on Dec 18th??
G. Other Activities to Consider
– regional Meetings with Schumer
– OP ED/ ED meetings – LTE – identify folks to send in letters send to call
– Keep list of Congressional members – public events

Institute for Policy Studiesis a community of public scholars and organizers linking peace, justice, and the environment in the United States and globally. We work with social movements to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.

A new report by the Institute for Policy Studies examines CEOs of public companies who have endorsed the “Fix the Debt” campaign. The report, “Pension Deficit Disorder: The Massive CEO Retirement Funds and Underfunded Worker Pensions at Firms Pushing Social Security Cuts,” finds that these CEOs, while calling for ordinary Americans to take cuts in Social Security and Medicare, are sitting on an average of $9 million each in retirement funds. Most are also running large deficits in their own employees’ pension funds.


New @IPS_DC report: CEOs want Social Security cuts, have $9mil each personal pensions, run employee pension deficits.

CEOs with @FixtheDebt suffer from “Pension Deficit Disorder,” want to steal nest eggs, says @IPS_DC.

CEO pension check: $65,873/mo. Retired American worker: $1,237/mo. Now CEOs are coming for our Social Security:

David Cote, Honeywell CEO, wants you to accept Social Security cuts, but has $78 mil personal pension.


Average Fix the Debt CEO monthly pension check: $65,873. Average Social Security check for retired workers: $1,237. We can’t trust Wall Street CEOs to “Fix the Debt.” Their plan is to cut Social Security and Medicare and give corporations a tax break. That’s not a fair fix. New @Institute for Policy Studies report shows how.

CEOs feathering their own nests, but trying to steal our hard-earned nest eggs. New report by @Institute for Policy Studies shows that CEOs of public companies in the dubious “Fix the Debt” campaign sit on an average of $9 million each in their personal retirement funds, while calling on ordinary Americans to accept cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Oh, and they’re also running deficits of their own — keeping their employees’ retirement funds in a dangerous deficit.

David Cote, CEO of Honeywell, has been calling for Social Security cuts. But his $78 million nest egg is enough to provide a $428,000 check every month after he turns 65. New report by the @Institute for Policy Studies shows how “Fix the Debt” campaign CEOs feathering their own nests, but trying to steal our hard-earned nest eggs.

Mary Clark
Citizen Action of NY
HCAN/SSS NYS Coordinator
[email protected]
607-232-2084 (cell)

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