What does the JCC of Rochester really think about workers?

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester is presenting Studs Terkel’s

WORKING, a Musical

A musical about jobs…and the people who do them

October 13-28, 2012

The dreams, joys and fears of the real people who punch a clock finally get the attention they deserve in this extraordinary musical. Ever wonder what goes on inside the head of a waitress, health-care aide and supermarket clerk? Consider how a steelworker or mason feels when they finish a new building? Imagine how a firefighter and school teacher endure their endless challenges? And what of the housewife who takes care of her family vs. the domestics who does the same for others?

But they oppose workers at the JCC having a union and hired a union busting firm. This website is part of the anti-union campaign.

Which side would Studs Terkel be on?

The NLRB Regional Office will hold an election for the JCC Employees on October 5th, 2012.

Other JCCs around the country have union contracts. Here is one from San Francisco.

Tell the JCC Board of Directors to stop opposing the union. Email addresses are listed on this PDF from the JCC website.

2 thoughts on “What does the JCC of Rochester really think about workers?

  1. Even worse, the JCC has hired union busting thugs from Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants to confuse and intimidate workers! These guys get paid OVER $225 AN HOUR each to keep people from having a voice on the job. Thats tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have gone into improving services for the children that use the JCC, and instead went into the pockets of a union busting thug outfit. Tell the Board: fire the union busters!!

  2. email message I sent to the JCC after seeing their web site:

    Wow–I looked at the web site you set up to discourage your employees from voting to form a union at the JCC, and I was saddened to see you promoting propaganda obviously written by an anti-union consultant. Spreading the lie that joining a union is inherently selfish and will destroy relationships in the workplace. I’m sure you know better: unions bring democracy to the workplace.

    Some of my husband’s relatives worked in clothing factories in Rochester during the strike in which Ida Braiman was killed. Considering the proud heritage of Jewish Americans in the labor movement in Rochester and elsewhere, it is very sad to see the JCC going down this route. I also question whether it is appropriate for non-profit organizations to spend donors’ and members’ money on anti-union consulting firms that spread fear and division among workers.

    yours respectfully,
    Bridget Watts Levine

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