Paul Ryan & the Republican Party want control over women’s bodies

I was reading Melissa Harris-Perry’s column in the September 10th issue of The Nation. She mentioned what she had read in Women’s Health magazine, a magazine with recommended stories like these: “11 Surprising things you didn’t know about breasts,” “Troubleshooting your vagina,” and “Why isn’t random hooking up scary anymore.” Harris-Perry describes a letter from Women’s Health editor Michele Promaulayko describing “her own experience of receiving sexual health counseling and contraception from Planned Parenthood when she was 15.” Gretchen Voss’s article “Are your birth control rights endangered?” Voting for someone like Paul Ryan is “tantamount to voting against the health of women” according to Harris-Perry. Women’s Health presents a guide to action for its readers.

Support Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region

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