How to Launch a Mass Movement for Economic Justice

The August 27/September 3 issue of The Nation has this article* by William Greider. He discusses a longer report,  “Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All” by Jacob Hacker** and Nate Lowentheil, which was released on August 2nd on the SEIU blog.

Greider writes: “The sixty-page text includes an impressive compendium of policy proposals covering everything from job creation to trade law to “environmental security,” a concept that demolishes the anti-environmentalism of know-nothing Republicans. Reforming democracy, Hacker argues, requires restoring labor rights for workers and taking down the Senate filibuster. A section on regulatory reform identifies the true goal: freeing our government from “industry capture.” If these recommendations are put into action, Hacker concludes, they “will set us on a virtuous cycle of public investment, rising productivity and wages, a stronger and more secure middle class, increased aggregate demand, and in turn sustained growth.”

We Band of Rebels need to discuss these proposals as we consider out future action in the coming year.

*Only subscribers can read it on line. Ask a friend for a copy if you are not a subscriber.

**Co-Author of Winner Take-All Politics.


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