Letter to Congresswoman Slaughter, Nov. 2012

November       2012
Re: Prosperity Not Austerity
Dear Representative Slaughter,

Americans spoke at the polls on Election Day, and we sent a strong message, voting in favor of policies for “Prosperity Not Austerity.” Specifically, we call on you to:

  1. Invest in jobs, education and infrastructure to promote prosperity by enacting H.R. 870 / 4277, the “21st Century Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment and Training Act;” as well as S. 1549 / H.R. 12 the “American Jobs Act;” and H.R. 2914, the “Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act.”
  2. Let the Bush tax cuts and payroll tax cuts expire, and replace them with H.R. 6411, the “Inclusive Prosperity Act” and fair income tax cuts, limited to the first $250,000 of income.
  3. Prevent any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid including benefits, COLAs, or eligibility–as well as pass bills to expand and improve Medicare including H.R. 676, the “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act” and H.R. 1200 the “American Health Security Act.”
  4. Cut weapons funding by 25%, and pass H.R. 780, the “Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act” to immediately end the war and provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan of all members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense contractor personnel.

Austerity makes economic problems worse, not better. Only strong, effective measures can remedy the stubborn lack of demand in the domestic economy, create jobs, foster prosperity, and decrease the deficit. We must not emulate erroneous European policies nor repeat tragic mistakes of the past.
At this pivotal moment in the history of our country, we have an opportunity to redefine what is necessary and what is possible. Future generations are depending on us.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Signed by 20+ individuals

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