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Trump’s advisers want a new civil war – we must not let them have it
by Paul Mason

The Trump Administration’s Business Ties

How the Trump organization’s foreign business ties could upend U.S. national security Newsweek by Kurt Eichenwald

Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media: Tyrants always try to suppress a free press by Robert Reich

What can be done?

Popular Resistance Blog


A real agenda for working people, Economic Policy Institute What Trump would do if he were serious about creating jobs, raising wages, and fixing our rigged economy

NINE WAYS TO OPPOSE DONALD TRUMP The New Yorker By John Cassidy December 16, 2016

The People’s Agenda

Trump Is Going After Health Care. Will Democrats Push Back? – The New York Times Dec. 21, 2016 by Theda Skocpol

“Democrats cannot just defend Medicare; they must loudly point out that repealing Obamacare means eliminating the taxes that subsidize health care for low- and middle-income people. That huge and immediate tax cut for the rich would lead to the demise of subsidized health insurance for millions of less privileged Americans in rural, suburban and urban communities. Proclaiming this truth could help Democrats gain a new hearing from many Trump voters. But it remains to be seen whether the party can rise to the challenge of showing up everywhere.”

What people are writing about white Trump supporters?

The New York Times recommends 6 Books to Help Understand Trump’s Win (or why did white people abandon the Democratic party??)

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside posted by Raw Story from FORSETTI’S JUSTICE, ALTERNET 27 NOV 2016


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