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New York Health Act

New York Health Act could be a lifeboat if Obamacare repealed (Updated)  Article by AlBrundage on Rochester Indymedia  Fri, 2017-03-24 02:37 Hopefully by now all of you have heard about the proposed New York Health Act. It just passed the Assembly for the third time and is one cosponsor short of introduction in the (NY) … Continue reading »

Paul Ryan’s Health Care Plan 2016

  Link to Paul Ryan’s plan on his U.S. House of Representatives website. “Paul Ryan’s Promised Obamacare Replacement Plan Shockingly Turns Out Not to Exist Again” New York Magazine, Daily Intelligencer, June 16, 2016 “GOP health insurance plan would make workers pay tax on benefits” USA Today, June 22, 2016 “Paul Ryan’s ‘Better Way’ points … Continue reading »

Band of Rebels Signs

We have a number of old signs from the days we met on the street every Monday at noon. Anyone who wants to have some or all of these signs to use, reuse, or repurpose, just let us know by email. Any signs not claimed by September, will be thrown away.

Rochester Social Welfare Action Alliance

HUMAN RIGHTS DENIED! Flint’s water crisis as a microcosm of the nation’s politics of inequality Thursday, April 14, 2016 6 pm The College at Brockport Metro Center Grand Hallway 55 St Paul Street Rochester, NY (across from RTS terminal) CONNECT, MOVE, ACT! A Regional Summit – Standing Together for Human Rights Friday, April 15, 2016 … Continue reading »

Letter to Morelle about New York Health Act

Health Care is a Human Right… Single Payer Health Care for All!   Morelle District Office 1945 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14622 585-467-0410 Dear Assemblyman Morelle, As representatives of PNHP who provided testimony in support of A05062 at the Public Hearing in December 2014, we were delighted that the New York Health Act … Continue reading »

Single Payer Organizer and Activist Training

This weekend there is an exciting opportunity to build the Single Payer movement in New York State coming to Rochester. The Everybody INstitute is a day long organizer and activist training led by the nationally renowned Ben Day of Healthcare NOW! WHEN: Saturday, May 24th 10am-4pm. WHERE: School Without Walls, 480 Broadway WHO: Ben Day, … Continue reading »

Health Care and the National Will The Curse of Privatization

by Norman Pollack CounterPunch “Obamacare,” the felicitous handle to disguise corporate pre-emption of the ideological-political-structural ground which deals with what should be viewed as a justifiable, humane entitlement affecting all people: health insurance as a basic, non-negotiable right integral to the constitutional foundation of the State. I capitalize “State,” not as an appeal to isms … Continue reading »

Socialized Health Care in a Red State

Today Montana, Tomorrow… The Nation? by JEFF NYGAARD Most people in the United States don’t really know what the Canadian health care system is all about.  And they certainly don’t know that the Canadian national health care system—called Medicare in that country—began not as a national system, but as a provincial experiment. (A Canadian “province” … Continue reading »

Recommended Book: The Healing of America

Author: T.R. Reid Recommended by Gerry Minard “I rarely recommend a book. Each one of you are busy reading & digesting your own stuff. But, recently at the York PA library, I came across a book they were highlighting and I can’t rave about it enough The author travels the world with a two prong … Continue reading »

Private Equity Stalks Hospitals

Labor Notes June 20, 2013 by Alexandra Bradbury In a war over the future of a Brooklyn hospital, health care workers rushed to Long Island College Hospital today for an emergency rally—after administrators began diverting patients to other sites. Until today, health care workers had succeeded in keeping LICH “Open for Care,” but they are … Continue reading »

Part of the “Grand Bargain” is on the table.

A story in the NYT March 29, 2013 suggest that Obama & the Democratic leadership are talking with Republicans about cuts to Medicare in exchange for “additional revenue.”  It is complicated but may include the following. Medicare Part A (hospital care $1,184 deductible in 2013), which has a high deductible would be merged with Medicare … Continue reading »