Notes Band of Rebels committee meeting 12/30/13

by Al Brundage


Chris Hedges article in Adbusters “Big Ideas of 2047”

focus on real culprits-banks

Make contacts with other organizations

organizations in other cities

Rochester Red & Black

Articles about us on internet


Popular Resistance

Al Jazzera

Tom Dispatch

We Are Many

National People’s Action

Need to alter toward a more just economic structure

Editorial in “City” newspaper

should we think about crisis in Rochester

poverty, segregation, inequality

1. expand knowledge of poverty and concentration of poverty

2. understanding that poverty is a problem for all

3. involve and engage diverse community

How can we raise knowledge and awareness?

not just by helping poor people

banks are root of problem

Regular planning meetings during year


Flying Squirrel

Why are we 5th poorest city in nation?

how come most of us don’t see it?

can we involve Labor Council, Metro Justice?

poverty is a social construct

it is in place because of policy

Continuing to provide support for other groups

participating in protests

How we communicate when not on street?

is there a better way than email?

phone or meetings?

need to compile list of phone numbers

Neighborhood outreach

all neighborhoods not just impoverished ones

Labor needs to step in

Full employment

What will mayor Warren bring?

do we need to put pressure on her administration?

people in “wait and see” position

will it be less business oriented?

Past successes

LBJ War on Poverty

Legal Services, Head Start still in service

Mental health centers

programs worked until cut by Nixon, Reagan etc

Necessity to build institutions

Rochester is poster city for problems in country


more jobs, living wages

problems easier to solve when people have more money

more security

John Greenbaum now with ABC


Nelson Mandela poster “there doesn’t have to be poverty”

Code Pink “money for military but not anything else”

What can we do to focus on investment banks?

Mandela quotes that did not get into mainstream media

Alliance for Global Justice

tear down the walls

Wall Street oligarchy

walls of inequality

desire to build national movement

What are we going to do weekly?

need for planning

what can we do that’s feasible?

What specific targets can we identify and accomplish something?

need to see local results

raise consciousness

juxtaposition of Mandela quotes and other quotes

work with groups that already have something going

Take Back the Land

What are this group’s specific goals for 2014?

Protests in front of banks

Effective based on honks

Can we carry message into other communities

Can we put a stop to this before banks own it all

Collect information on banks actions

Take Back the Land

many victories last year

Need for well organized  strategic planning process

Can we engage younger colleagues for  their expertise?

Next meeting

Flying Squirrel or library?

Tentative date January 24

Need to solicit  short concise ideas

Make posters and information flyers

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