Fair Trade

A few of us prepared an anti-Trans Pacific Parternship presentation in anticipation of HRC being elected President and having her pivot to supporting the TPP.

We made a presentation at the Unitarian Church on S. Winton on Nov. 15th.

Now that Trump will be President the TPP is morbidly ill at the moment, but perhaps not yet dead.

One question asked at our presentation was, “Since you are opposed to the TPP, what are you in favor of?” We said “fair trade” but did not have a clear presentation of what that would mean.

This article from Colorado gives a better idea of what “fair trade” means. Here is a quote from the article.

Thankfully, our potentially brief hiatus from the TPP provides an opportunity to consider “fair trade” that respects national sovereignty and the democratic process, enables domestic job creation, enforces strong environmental and labor standards, protects public health, promotes affordable medicine and preserves local self-determination.

Fair trade means Congress exercises its constitutional mandate to oversee and approve trade agreements with full transparency and meaningful public input; in other words, no secret negotiations and no “fast track.” Fair trade means corporations will not be able to sue countries for unlimited “compensation.” Fair trade holds participating countries to internationally accepted standards for currency regulation, human rights, labor rights, consumer product and food safety, and environmental protection before any trade benefits can flow from an agreement. Fair trade certainly would promote climate health rather than hinder it. Fair trade is not used to protect long term monopoly profits in medicine. Fair trade harnesses the power of comparative advantage to benefit and raise everyone’s quality of life, not just that of the 1 percent.

Ken Bonetti: Time for Polis to pivot to ‘fair trade’ – Boulder Daily Camera

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