Labor Day Parade, August 29, 2014 @5:45pm


The parade is different this year. A new time, date, and location for Metro Justice. But, also an important new fight to highlight! Don’t miss out!

The Metro Justice contingent will be there as a Fight for $15 contingent alongside fast food workers standing up a demanding $15/hr and a union! Don’t miss out on this historic moment!Webified-CMYKwide-angle-fight-for-15

The Labor Day Parade has a new time and location this year! RSVP HERE!

WHERE: Line up near the corner of East and Alexander on East Ave.
WHEN: Friday, August 29th, at 5:45pm. Don’t be late, we’re near the front this year!

Fast-food workers: Come in uniform! Metro Justice members: Wear your t-shirts! RSVP HERE!

The 2014 Labor Day Parade will be an historic moment for Metro Justice and for the Rochester Labor Movement! The powerful Fight for $15 movement has come to Rochester. Don’t miss out. RSVP now.

Metro Justice

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