Playing For Change

The mission of this wonderful organization is to build peace through music around the world. Through their efforts and with donations from others, they have built music schools in poor areas to bring children some hope and happiness in their lives. I hope these selections will bring joy and pleasure to you, which is needed when we see such misery and pain in much of our world. In order to get the full effect you need to have speakers attached to your computer. You can also purchase their CD’s and videos and watch other videos on their website or on YOUTUBE.

Playing For Change has a touring band of many musicians from around the world, and I and some of my family and friends recently saw them perform at Highland Park. It was a great experience to see them live. Very uplifting, high energy with dancing and beautiful voices. The following will give you an idea, since you can see a few videos of them performing live in Australia. And these are some of the songs they sang in Rochester. (Down By the Riverside/Study War No More)
Jo Cummings

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