Renee Madison Update

On the evening of June 11, 2013 a Representative from Fannie Mae called Renee Madison to notify her that the imminent eviction of her family has been called off as they re-review her case.  This is after Renee Brooks defied her 72 hour eviction notice (which expired June 6, 2013) and Take Back the Land Rochester, community supporters, and her neighbors rallied to stop the eviction and demand Fannie Mae negotiate a settlement so the family can stay in their home of 17 years.  For more background see Renee’s public letter to Fannie Mae.
Fannie Mae has refused to work with the family to buy back the house for the last 9 months and has now suddenly changed their tune in 24 hours after public outrage, protests, local media shinning a spotlight on the family’s plight, petitioning, calls and e-mails to Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopolous, and calls and e-mails to Mayor Richards calling on the City of Rochester to publicly vow not to use Rochester police to violently enforce the unjust eviction.  In addition to the human rights violations, the human toll and the community toll foreclosure and eviction take on the community, there is now overwhelming evidence that the original foreclosure action (NationStar vs. Renee Madison) was riddled with blatant fraud and should be dismissed.  In this vain, Ms. Madison filed an Order to Show Cause to reopen the foreclosure case in New York State Supreme Court before the Hon. Judge Richard Dollinger.  His decision is pending.
Unfortunately, the heart wrenching trials and tribulations of Renee Madison’s family is only one human example in a sea of unjust foreclosures still rippling across Monroe County, and across the country.  Despite certain pronouncements, the foreclosure crisis is alive and well, and putting countless families under the attack, causing undue stress on families, and in many cases eviction, displacement, and homelessness.  Take Back the Land Rochester believes that without any fundamental restructuring the land tenure system, economic system, financial system, banking system, or the foreclosure process this crisis will continue indefinitely.  In light of the enduring crisis, Take Back the Land Rochester is calling for
  • 1. A local, state, and national moratorium on foreclosures in the courts and a moratorium their enforcement by local police and SWAT teams.
  • 2. End all financial incentives for banks to foreclosure including the ending foreclosure insurance to bank mortgages by the government-backed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA.  Universal housing for all, not universal mortgage care for the banks.  
  • 3. Institute a systematic policy for the bailed-out banks to hand over pre- and post-foreclosures to local Community Land Trusts, where community control of land and permanently affordable housing can be safeguarded.
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