Call and Leave a Message in Support of Renee Madison

Call and leave a message for

Timothy J. Mayopoulos, CEO Fannie Mae 202-752-7000
Ask him to stay the eviction of Renee Madison who lives on Brooks Ave. in Rochester. Fannie Mae bought her house at auction and is now trying to evict her. Ask him to reconsider his position and allow her time to purchase the house back.
Mayor Tom Richards – 585-428-7045
Ask Mayor Richards to refrain from sending police or city marshalls to evict Renee Madison.

One thought on “Call and Leave a Message in Support of Renee Madison

  1. Ryan Acuff just sent a message: “Fannie Mae just called Renee Madison and notified her that the eviction is called off as they re-review her case! More details to come…!!!! 11 June 2013, 3:15 pm

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