Letter to Senators

March 21, 2013

Senator Kristen Gillibrand
Washington, DC Office
478 Russell
Washington, DC 20510
Fax: (202) 228-0282

Senator Charles Schumer
Washington, DC Office
Fax: (202) 228-3027

Dear Senator Gillibrand,

There are two bills in the Senate that of interest to us that we urge you to support.

  • S.500 “Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act” which lifts the payroll tax above $250,000 and has about 10 Senate cosponsors such as Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid,  & Barbara Boxer.
  • S. 567 “The Strengthening Social Securities Act of 2013” sponsored by Sen. Tom Harkins. This bill will do the following:
    • Will boost benefits to around $70 extra per month
    • Ensure COLA reflects living expenses
    • Improve long term financial condition of the Trust Fund by phasing out the cap which is presently $113,700

We also hope that you will work to produce a budget that is guided by the principles of The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) “Back to Work Budget.” The best way to protect Social Security in the long run is to produce a healthy middle class. We need a progressive budget that favors job creation investment, fair taxes for people and corporations, cuts to bloated Pentagon spending, addresses health care costs, and increases our focus on the environment.

We have time to solve Social Security’s demographic problems and the program does not contribute to the deficit. The attack on Social Security is a clear example of “class war.” Medicare and Medicaid are harder to solve, but their problems should be solved addressing health care costs directly. We support a single payer system, but short of that there is much that can be done to make health care affordable.


Each Senator will get a personalized letter but you need sign the petition below only once for both letters.

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