Monday Demo 3/18/13 at noon at the Federal Building in Rochester

Band of Rebels Rejects Grand Bargain that Would Hurt Most Americans! 

What:    Rally for Budget Fairness for All Americans

Where:  Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building, 100 State Street, Rochester

When:    Monday, March 18, 2013, 12 -1 PM

Why:  The so-called “Sequester” is now taking an across-the-board ax to the US budget in a way that will soon inflict harm on most Americans, while President Obama,[1] the  “Fix the Debt” CEO’s,[2] and Republicans continue to talk about a “grand bargain” that most Americans don’t want. Polls show a huge majority of Americans favor raising revenue by further raising taxes on the wealthy, cutting huge subsidies to companies making record profits such as oil companies, ending such boondoggles as our historically-low capital gains rate, cutting the bloated military budget and preserving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

There are encouraging signs that the voices of the majority of Americans and citizen action groups like the Band of Rebels are beginning to be heard.  Last week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposed a “Back-to-Work Budget” that unfortunately went virtually unreported in the major mainstream media. Here is what it would do:

In the first year alone, we create nearly 7 million American jobs and increase GDP by 5.7%.  We reduce unemployment to near 5% in three years with a jobs plan that includes repairing our nation’s roads and bridges, and putting the teachers, cops and firefighters who have borne the brunt of our economic downturn back to work.  We reduce the deficit by $4.4 trillion by closing tax loopholes and asking the wealthy to pay a fair share.  We repeal the arbitrary sequester and the Budget Control Act that are damaging the economy, and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid, which provide high quality, low-cost medical coverage to millions of Americans when they need it most.[3]

Some other recent legislative initiatives also indicate that some members of Congress are listening to the majority of the American people who reject austerity and its job-killing cuts: Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) Strengthening Social Security Act of 2013, S. 567, increases benefits for Social Security recipients and raises the income cap subject to Social Security taxes.[4] Rep. Peter DeFazio’s (D-OR) Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act, H.R. 1030, calls for adopting the CPI-E,[5] a more accurate measure of inflation for seniors that would appropriately raise benefits rather than the benefit-cutting so-called chained CPI proposed by austerity hawks. And Senators Harkin and Sheldon Whitehouse have proposed the Wall Street Trading and Speculators Tax Act that would raise $352 billion in new revenue annually.[6]

Join the Band of Rebels to support budget priorities that lift all Americans, not just a privileged few!





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