Fair Elections for New York conference call with Governor Cuomo

You’re going to want to mark Monday on your calendar. Governor Cuomo is leading a conference call for New Yorkers who want to end the corrupting influence of money in politics.

You can be there too. Join us on Monday at 7PM for a call with Governor Cuomo.

Conference Call with Governor Cuomo
Fair Elections for New York
Monday, 7PM
RSVP here

Winning public financing of elections is our absolute top priority in Albany this year, because public financing makes everything else achievable. And New York can be a national leader.

We’ll never tackle economic inequality as long as huge campaign contributions buy special access for Walmart and other low wage employers. We’ll never be able to deal with climate change as long as big polluters pour money into elections like oil into the Gulf.

If we want a government that gives voice to the people, and not just big campaign donors, it’s time to end big-money politics by enacting citizen funded elections.

Governor Cuomo is leading the charge. And on Monday, he’ll talk about the campaign and give updates.

Will you join Governor Cuomo, Working Families, Citizen Action of New York and our allies from the Fair Elections for New York campaign, plus organizers and activists on Monday at 7PM?

If you want to joint, please RSVP here:

For more information, see the invitation from Fair Elections for New York, which is attached below.

Talk to you on Monday,

-Dan Cantor, WFP

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