Are NY Democrats listening to Wisconsin and Michigan Republicans?

Albany Times Union

Fiscal fix for ailing cities

Gov. Cuomo pitches fiscal control board as one way to retool cash-strapped upstate
By Jimmy Vielkind Published 11:14 pm, Monday, January 28, 2013

“Cuomo pointed to a new group of expert advisers that will be created under his proposed state budget to examine the problems facing cities like Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers. It could recommend a formal fiscal control board, which in turn could have broader authority to freeze or renegotiate expired contracts with unionized municipal employees.

Municipal officials say the legacy costs of those contracts, including required pension contributions for retirees, have ballooned their budgets. That stress — combined with a long decline in population, the flight of large industrial taxpayers and a concentration of poorer residents within urban cores — has made the financial model of these cities “broken,” according to Rochester Mayor Tom Richards.”



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