Request from Progressive Change to Call Schumer NOW!

Today, Senator Chuck Schumer’s office proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Specifically, Schumer’s office opened the door to cutting Social Security cost of living adjustments, a move policy wonks call “chained CPI.” This benefit cut would take thousands of dollars away from seniors on fixed incomes.

Sen. Chuck Schumer needs to hear from his constituents immediately. Can you give Senator Schumer a call today and tell him it is unacceptable to put Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts on the table? Click here to call.

An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose benefit cuts. For instance, our polling in the swing state of NH showed that 75% of voters opposed these cuts.

This proposal would hurt millions of Americans — and it would be a disaster for Democrats as they try to maintain their majority in the Senate in 2014. Voters won’t forget.

Can you call Senator Schumer today? Click here to call.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

–Amanda Johnson, Anton Medvedev, and the PCCC teaM

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2 thoughts on “Request from Progressive Change to Call Schumer NOW!

  1. Denise Young called Schumer’s office a few minutes ago…Rochester…got a staff person who said that info is incorrect – taken from an article in “The Hill” which is being revised (he said), as we were speaking, so to speak…
    Just passing this along for what it’s worth. He said that the law doesn’t allow for some of the inclusions that were referenced.
    But putting the pressure on him can’t hurt.

    I called myself and left a message on the answering service.

  2. I called Schumer’s Rochester office and got the same response: that it was a media error, etc. Let’s hope so.

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