The Force: How much military is enough?

Now that the New Years Eve agreement on taxes pushed that issue aside for the time being, the focus will shift to budget cuts. Republicans, many Democrats and virtually all the corporate and financial elite want to reduce the deficit by cuts to entitlements. They try to make it sound as if there is no alternative and only naive people don’t realize that Social Security and Medicare must be cut.

This is bullshit. Government expenditures are a matter of social choice. We who pay social security and medicare taxes are indeed entitled to get the benefits and preserve them for our children and grandchildren. We don’t have too much social security and medicare; we have too much military and corporate welfare.

An article in The New Yorker clearly illustrates the overwhelming cost of the military. I want to know why there is no “military” or “war” tax? Our rulers never admit the true cost of wars or adequately finance them. They want us to accept that “there is no alternative” to cutting Social Security & Medicare. Taxpayers will have to pay for the deficit caused by this bloated military. The elite want to pay for it by cuts in our benefits and by forcing lower wages on the working and middle class. We cannot allow that to happen.

There is an alternative: cut the military and corporate welfare!

A Critic at Large

The Force

How much military is enough?

by January 28, 2013

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