Jim Schmidt

Today the long struggle of our founder, Jim Schmidt, came to an end. Jim died at 3PM Saturday in Strong. He was an inspiration to all of us who knew him. Watching him come to our protests, week after week, was the force that drove many of us on. The Band of Rebels was his final gift to the activist community. It culminated a long career in the struggle for justice which he fought with everything he had.

Spend a special time this Monday, with no schedule protest, to think about Jim and rededicate yourselves to building a better world to leave for our children and grandchildren. And continue to raise cane in Jim’s honor.

Link to his Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Jim Schmidt

  1. I’m not remembering who wrote these special words, but want all of you Rebels to know how much your solidarity and love and support have meant to me and our family through these long months, and in the course ahead.
    La lucha continua! And – lux et pacem.

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