Why should the left support Obama?

In the Nov. 5th The Nation, Doug Henwood laments the left always falling in line behind the Democrats “lesser of two evils.” It is better if Obama wins than if Romney wins because it gives us a better chance to revivify the movement that Occupy exemplified. He ends his comment with this.

“I’m hoping that come November 7, we can turn away from big-time electoral politics again, which is where people who want more than minor transformations should be looking. Presidential politics, given the power of money and all our constitutional structures that nurture orthodoxy, is the natural terrain of the big boys. It would be much more fruitful to organize around specific issues, like single-payer health insurance and living-wage bills; to develop better institutions, like livelier unions and third and fourth parties; and if one must work in the electoral realm, to build from the bottom up, where the likes of us could actually make a difference.”



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