Caravan of Corruption

Join the Caravan of Corruption

Tuesday, October 23rd at the Liberty Pole, Rochester, NY

The Traveling Caravan of Corruption tour stops in Rochester. Learn the history of the last ten years of corruption in our state government. Demand Fair Elections for New York!

For decades, New York has been home to some of the nation’s most crooked, conniving and corrupt politicians.

They’ve accepted favors, dodged taxes, and lined their pockets with taxpayers’ cash.

Enough is enough. From Buffalo to Brooklyn, and everywhere in between, we’re taking our creep show on the road to show what happens when we don’t hold greedy politicians accountable for their actions.

Step right up and learn about this collection of crooks as they:
-Siphon money from community programs to buy Yankees tickets
-Spend over $20,000 of taxpayers’ dollars on sushi
-Dodge hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes
-Buy luxury apartments with public money
-Use money and political influence to bully community organizations

New York must once again be the leading progressive state in the nation.

Join us as we demand publicly financed Fair Elections for New York and put people first!

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