Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Tiny Homes for the Homeless
A 10-part workshop demonstrating alternative housing which can be built
cheaply and easily using commonly discarded material.

Contact: Rochester Greenovation, 1199 E. Main St. Rochester, 14609
(585) 288-7564, Email

The Tiny House movement has been gaining steam for some time now.  It’s hard
to find anyone with an internet connection who hasn’t seen a picture of a tiny
house on their facebook feed, pinterest, blog or other social media.  The
movement feeds in to the recent desire for a minimalist, smaller-footprint
lifestyle.  As appealing as these houses are to the struggling middle class,
there is a growing segment of the population that are in dire need of any
shelter whatsoever.

Tiny Homes for the Homeless will be a series of workshops intended to
demonstrate the mission of Rochester Greenovation within the community and
resulting in a completed structure which can not only be utilized as a
shelter, but duplicated easily by others.  The process will involve design by
committee utilizing commonly discarded items such as pallets, bottles, old
windows, etc.  Over a period of 10 weeks the committee will design, collect
and build the structure, raise funds as (if) needed, and orchestrate it’s
unveiling and eventual use.

Tentative schedule (all times noon-2pm unless otherwise noted):

1.    Design – 10/6
2.    Collect – 10/13
3.    Build: pallet base – 10/20
4.    Building walls – 10/27
5.    Amenities – 11/3
6.    Roof – 11/10
7.    Insulation – 11/17
8.    Heating – 11/24
9.    Comfort – 12/1
10.    Finishing touches – 12/8

Registration is still open for the oversight committee and work groups.  These
are FREE events, please register for as many as you’d like.  E-mail or call to
add your name to the calendar.

One thought on “Tiny Homes for the Homeless

  1. Sirs,
    I am in a pre-start up phase for having the homeless build and eventually own small homes with an important variation- to be set in an eco-village setting. This will require input from various communities, businesses, churches, health, perhaps service clubs,
    and above all the green sustainability movement. If this is helpful I’d be happy to exand on these ideas.

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